Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Year in A Nutshell

This is undoubtedly the quietest my blog has ever been. It's been quite a year for our family, and life has left me no time for blogging. I have missed it, and it's good to be here again.

So here's our year (really two) in a nutshell...

In the summer of 2012 Kurt, along with hundreds of other pilots, was furloughed when the company announced that it was shutting down all air operations. The announcement was made on a Tuesday, and he flew his last trip four days later. He had been with this company for twenty-three years, so this really rocked our world. We experienced the whole rollercoaster of emotions for the next six months, but God walked us through it and provided for our family in some amazing ways.

In December of that same year, Kurt was hired by another airline...much rejoicing and thankfulness! We felt incredibly blessed, but this new job meant leaving Cincinnati, our home of almost twenty years, to move to Florida. It was incredibly difficult for us to leave our friends and church family, but we knew God was in control and felt at peace about accepting this job and the move.

The next few months were spent getting our house ready to sell, putting it on the market, and traveling back and forth to Florida to house hunt there. Our house sold quickly, which was such a blessing, and at the end of July we shed many tears as we took leave of our precious friends and our dear, familiar home to set out on this new adventure.

So we've been here in sunny Florida now for nine months and have had lots of adventures so far. There is so much to see and do here, and I'll eventually get around to posting about it all.

Until next time I'll leave you with a very Florida family photo...



  1. It's great to see you back, Shannon!!! Thank you for sharing your update with us. These times of uncertainty can really rock our world. Thank goodness for the continuity and certainty of Jesus and Eternity!

  2. Nice to hear an update. Life is always changing.
    Blessings, Dawn


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