Monday, November 12, 2012

Galloping The Globe Kickoff Week

Here's a summary of my lesson plans and the resources we used for our Galloping The Globe kickoff week, which turned into two weeks. I hope you find these helpful!
  • Read How to Make An Apple Pie and See The World several times throughout the two weeks and played this Apple Pie Geography Game, which ended with our making an apple pie.

  • Read Me on The Map by Joan Sweeney and made a layer book containing maps of our rooms, house, street, town, state, country, continent, and the world. I made this layer book template which you can download and use for your own Me on the Map booklet.
    • Read Maps and Globes by Jack Knowlton and There's A Map on My Lap! and made a paper-mâché globe. (The readings and the project were done over a four day period.)
    • Listened several times to the Continents and Oceans song from Geography Songs from A-Z. We are really enjoying this CD and have already learned so much world geography from listening to this and the other catchy songs on this album. It comes in CD or MP3 formats.
    • Talked about what an explorer is and read about Christopher Columbus.
    • Put together our world map floor puzzle. (The one pictured below is not the one we own, but it is the one I'm hoping to get soon.)
    • Labeled the continents and oceans on a world map.
    • Learned about the compass rose, went outside and practiced using it to walk N, S, E, W. Filled in a compass rose notebooking page. Used what we learned about the compass and cardinal directions to go on a treasure hunt.
    • Began memorizing the creation account in Genesis 1. As we "gallop the globe" our science focus will be God's amazing creation, specifically animals from each country, as well as continuing our regular nature studies.
    • Watched Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution. (This is on Netflix instant streaming, and all of us were riveted. Can't wait to watch the other volumes in this series.)
    Other resources we'll use during our travels this year:

    This was a fun week for us and a great way to get ready to Gallop The Globe!

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