Friday, September 14, 2012

Our Daily Schedule for 2012-13

So we've been back at it for two weeks now. The first couple of days we did the 3 R's and since then have gradually been adding things.

This week we are almost up to what I envision our full schedule to be and are finding our rhythm and getting settled into a routine.

My goal is for our day to start around the breakfast table at 9:00 am. This hasn't happened yet, but we're almost there. :)

Here's a look at our day:

9:00 am: Breakfast/Bible/Scripture Memory

9:30 am: Morning Meeting (calendar, any other memory work, Mom does the Paths of Exploration read-aloud and then gets the older two started on their copywork.)

10:00 am: Copywork for olders/Alphabet Path for Sweet Pea and me.

10:20 am: Math with Giggly Girl (Sweet Pea works on HSS Alphabet Notebook activities; Superman finishes copywork and begins Rightstart Math warm-up sheet.)

10:45 am: Math with Sweet Pea (Giggly girl finishes copywork and begins math fact sheet; Superman continues his work and if he finishes, moves onto independent reading.)

11:05 am: Math with Superman/Explain POE Word Study assignment (Giggly Girl and Sweet Pea choose a puzzle, game, craft, etc. to work on separately or together.)

11:30 am: Break for snack and possibly step outside for breath of fresh air. :)

11:45 am: All About Spelling with Giggly Girl (Sweet Pea plays; Superman works on POE Word Study)

12:05 pm: Reading Made Easy with Sweet Pea (Giggly Girl practices spelling words; Superman is onto next POE activity)

12:25 pm: All About Spelling with Superman (Sweet Pea does RME copywork; Giggly Girl does independent reading.)

Lunch Break!! (Kids head outside for a quick recess while I devour several Hershey's kisses and prepare lunch.)

Most days during lunch we cover a special such as poetry, composer study, or artist study.

After lunch, the kids head back outside while I tidy up the kitchen and get things ready for the afternoon.

1:30 pm: Galloping the Globe or Paths of Exploration group activity (geography, history, nature study, science experiments, art, i.e., the fun stuff!)

3:00 pm: Superman finishes up any written work that needs to be completed and does his independent reading while I read with Giggly Girl and Sweet Pea.

3:30 pm: Done for the day! People can then practice piano and play outside, read, etc.

I really want to add in a foreign language, but I'm not even thinking about that until we've got a few weeks under our belts.

Hope your year is off to a great start!


  1. Shannon, I love your schedule! This is very inspiring to me. Right now I am still trying to find our groove. If I may ask, are you enjoying Gslloping the Globe? I have been contemplating buying it for months now, because when my son hits 3rd grade, I would like to go onto the Paths curriculum. Any thoughts? TY!

  2. I am glad you are finding a plan that works for you. We loved our back to school plan and then our world turned upside down in a good way. Now we are doing the basics.
    Blessings, Dawn


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