Friday, June 10, 2011

Making Time for Hubby

Homeschooling moms everywhere know that we’ve got more than a full-time job. Teaching our children, caring for our family, managing our household, and doing everything else that life requires can make it easy to overlook a very important person in our life…our husband!

All too often I am guilty of falling into the trap of putting the kids (and other stuff) ahead of him. He doesn’t complain, but I know that he feels respected and loved when I make an effort to set aside time for him. And by time, I don’t mean a quick conversation as we pass each other in the hall or a few hasty thoughts shared over the cell phone as he drives home from work. I’m talking about intentionally carving out real, in person, sit-down-and-be-together kind of time.

Not only does this strengthen our marriage, but I am a better wife, mother, and overall person when I stay connected to my husband. We are both healthier parents for our children when we are regularly taking time out for each other. Bottom line…the whole family benefits when Mom and Dad are making their marriage a priority.

I am most definitely not a marriage expert, and believe me, my marriage is far from perfect, but I do want to share a few ideas for making time for your husband. These are things that have worked for our lifestyle and routine. Maybe some of these will work for yours too, but if not, hopefully they will at least be a springboard for you to come up with some ideas of your own.

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  1. Shannon, Thank you so much for this gentle reminder!! It is so true that other things (thought also important) take over that husband/wife time. Here's to working on carving out those precious moments each day (with the Lord's help!)!



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