Saturday, April 30, 2011

Penguin/Antarctica Unit: Video Clips's been several weeks since we finished our Penguin/Antarctica Unit, and I'm finally getting around to posting our activities.

Penguins are hilarious creatures to watch in action, so we viewed lots of video clips of them waddling, swimming, tobogganing, and caring for their young.

I hope that you and your children enjoy viewing these unique birds.

(As always, please preview any online content before allowing your children to view it, as links can change.)

Animal Planet: Emperor Penguin Dads - great footage of male emperor penguins protecting the egg, tobogganing out to sea for food, and returning to help feed and care for the baby. Narrator does a nice job of explaining the life of the male emperor penguin.

National Geographic Kids: Emperor Penguins

National Geographic Kids: Adelie Penguins

I cannot say enough about what a great site this is for viewing photos and video of many different animals. This is a site we'll be coming back to in the future.

It has tons of amazing videos on all seventeen species of penguin. You'll also find a nice collection of facts for each kind of penguin - habitat, range, scientific classification, size, and much more.

Here are the pages for each type of penguin. On each page you'll find several video clips:











Little (Blue or Fairy Penguin)




Royal Penguin


Yellow-Eyed Penguin

One final children were adamant about not seeing any videos of leopard seals or other predators attacking penguins. There are a couple of those on the Arkive site, so you might want to use discernment if you have sensitive kids like mine. :)

Have a great weekend!

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