Monday, March 7, 2011

Penguin/Antarctica Unit: Book List

As promised, here is our reading list for our study of Penguins and Antarctica:

Mr. Popper's Penguins is our (almost) daily read-aloud, and we are enjoying it immensely. Mr. Popper is a house painter who has a passion for geography, exploration, and especially penguins and Antarctica. His (and his family's) adventure begins when he receives a mysterious package from Admiral Drake - directly from the South Pole!

The sweet illustrations in The Emperor's Egg make it seem more like a story than a non-fiction account. It does a wonderful job of describing the life of emperor penguins as they lay their eggs, keep them warm, and care for their young. Readers of all ages will enjoy learning about some of the most dedicated parents in the animal world!

The above three books are shorter, non-fiction books that I used as read-alouds. They provided lots of good information that my 7 and 9 yr. olds have used in their lapbooks without being so wordy as to bore my 5-yr. old. All three have fantastic photographs.

My 9 yr. old is using this Magic Tree House Research Guide for independent reading. I require him to narrate a fact or two from the end of each chapter, one of which he uses for copywork each day.

This Zoobook about Penguins is a good source of information. It's not really what I'd call a read-aloud, but it has good illustrations, and we're using it as a source for looking up facts to complete mini-books.

We haven't used the above two books yet, but they are nice little-easy readers with easy-to-understand information and great photos.

Two more titles we've not gotten around to reading yet, but when I scanned them at the library I thought they were worth checking out. I'll let you know our thoughts after reading them. :)

Enjoy browsing, and have a great weekend!

(Disclosure: The above images are my Amazon affiliate links.)

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  1. We love Mr. Popper's Penguins over here. I think we read thru it 3 times within a year!!! :)


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