Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kid Funny

I overheard this while we were driving in the van tonight...

4 yr. old: God made me a baby and then I grew up to be a kid.

Me: That's right, now you're a big kid.

4 yr. old: Did God make the trees too?

6 yr. old pipes in here: Yes, God made the trees.

4 yr. old: Did God make the moon?

6 yr. old: Yes, God made the moon too.

4 yr. old: But how did He get up there to put it there?

6 yr. old: Talk to Mom.

What gifts they are - I love them so much!

Enjoy your gifts this weekend. :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine Favorites from My Reader

Unbelievably, we have been hit with another round of something around here. I'm finally feeling better today, but now Kurt and two of the children are sick. We would really appreciate your prayers.

Here is my little collection of Valentines Day ideas I've been saving from my reader. There are some adorable crafts and cards along with a couple of fun games. Most of these aren't terribly complicated. We'll probably try a couple of the different ideas for homemade cards, and I usually do a Heart Scavenger Hunt with a goodie at the end for each child. Hope you find something fun to try with your family!

Valentines Day Countdown

Valentine's Day Surprise Ball...I really like this idea, and I think I'll use it as the little treat each child finds at the end of our Heart Scavenger Hunt. I think they'll be excited to unroll the crepe paper and discover each little surprise!

Air-Dry Clay Hearts...Air-dry clay (like Crayola Model Magic) is great stuff and lots of fun to use.

Ladybug Valentines
...These are adorable and were designed by the blogger's daughter - one creative little girl!

Handprint Valentine Hearts...I always enjoy crafts that are also keepsakes and reminders of those precious little hands!

Valentine Activity Baskets...What a great idea. Not sure I could swing a craft every single day of February, but the idea of offering your children several choices is nice.

Valentine Pancakes...My kids love it when I try to shape their pancakes into their initials, animals, or other shapes, but I am terrible at it! These squirt bottles are the solution I've been looking for.

Marbled Paper Valentines...Marbled paper is something I've been wanting us to try, and it would be make for a pretty Valentine card. This one is on our possible to-do list this year.

Heart Person...What a classic - I remember these from my student-teaching days. My girls will enjoy making them.

Thumbprint Hearts - Scroll down the page to see these framed heart keepsakes. They would also make sweet cards.

Crayon Valentine Heart Cards, and here are the Crayon Hearts she includes with the Valentines. I think the crayons are beautiful. I've got to get a heart shaped mold so we can try making these.

If I'm not back before the weekend, hope you have a fun Valentines Day with those special big and little people in your life!