Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Living History: Civil War Reenactment

A few weeks ago Superman was invited to participate in a Civil War reenactment in my hometown in Georgia. He is a huge fan of history and all things military, so we knew we couldn't pass up such a great opportunity.

Needless to say, when we told him that we could make the trip down South for him to be a soldier boy, he was ecstatic. And it's always fun to visit Grandma and Granddaddy too. :)

The reenactment took place over a Saturday and Sunday. Day 1 was the Battle of Sunshine Church, which took place in July of 1864 several miles northeast of Macon. Union cavalry under General Stoneman had been ordered by Sherman to break off from main Union Army, which had seized Atlanta, and head for Middle Georgia. Their goals were to either liberate Union prisoners at Andersonville or destroy the Macon-Atlanta Railroad lines. Failing at both, Stoneman attempted to withdraw northwards back to Union lines around Atlanta when his force was intercepted by three Confederate brigades under Alfred Iverson. The Confederates had the upper hand in this battle, and Stoneman, along with 600 of his surviving men, surrendered late in the afternoon. Two of Stoneman' brigades managed to escape but were captured a few days later in Winder, Georgia, with a few men escaping back across the Chattahoochee River to the safety of the Union lines.

For this battle, our soldier boy fought for the Confederates.

The re-enactors were kind enough to outfit our soldier with a borrowed uniform, which he was so proud to wear.

And of course, these two wanted to dress the part of an 1860's girl. O.K., only one of them really wanted too, but they both were willing. :)

He heads into his first battle with the Major he was assigned to as a messenger.

He catches his first glimpse of us watching from the stands.

Notice that our soldier's ears are covered almost all of the time. We gave him earplugs, but they wouldn't stay in. We had our ears covered a good bit too. I can only imagine how many soldiers came out of the war having lost their hearing.

This is a terrible picture, but I wanted to show how thick the air was with gun and cannon smoke.

Day 2: The Battle of Griswoldville. He was also a Confederate in this battle, even though his uniform is blue. Apparently, the Confederate Army wore whatever they could get their hands on, especially late in the war. This battle was a tremendous defeat for the South.

Waiting with a fellow messenger for orders from their Colonel.

After the last battle, a cannon salute was fired in remembrance of those who gave their lives on both sides.

What made the day even more special was that Grandma, Granddaddy, and Great-Granddaddy came out to brave the heat and watch our soldier in battle.


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  2. How wonderful! My kids did this each year in 5th grade. You're a great mom/this to take your children to this!


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