Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival: St. Patrick's Day Edition


I am very pleased to be able to share this edition of the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival with you. It's chock full of inspiring posts that are going to be a real treat for you, so sit back and enjoy!

By the way, I know Miss Mason was not Irish, but I could not resist sprinkling in some vintage St. Patty's Day greetings since the 17th is right around the corner. :)

Nature Study

Barb shares some breathtaking photos and interesting finds from her family's recent hike in which they focused on the Douglas Squirrel as a part of the Winter Series Challenge for Mammals.

Lynn at Eclectic Education writes about making nature study a priority and even shares some helpful free resources with us in her article titled Nature Studies.

In Gilcrease Orchard Study, Shannon of On This Glorious Homeschool Journey reveals the vegetable treasures she and her sons found and sketched at a local orchard. What a delightful nature study!

Hodgepodgemom at Homeschool Highlights shares a fun nature study that her children completed in Outdoor Hour: One Small Square. This is a great activity and lots of good pictures have been included which will inspire you to try it.

Join Jill at Children In the Midst as she and her children enjoy their first nature walk of the year together in a post titled Pine Villages.


Barb at Harmony Art Mom shares how she uses textbooks in a Charlotte Mason education in her article Making Apologia Science Texts Work for Our Family. Barb has also given us some real nuggets of wisdom here concerning helping our child work through disinterest in a particular topic.

Pamela from Blah, Blah, Blog shares a neat science experiment that takes an unexpected turn in Spillin' the Beans. I want to try this one with my own budding scientists.

In Rocks the Charlotte Mason Way, Jimmie from Jimmie's Collage shares how her 5th grade daughter made use of living books along with several other resources to make real connections of her own about rocks and the rock cycle. I love all of the learning that took place here! Jimmie includes some helpful rock links and resources as well.

Living Books

MasterpieceMom has learned that reading aloud Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder can result in some yummy fun in the kitchen. Read all about it in Farmer Boy = Doughnuts.

Nancy at Sage Parnassus shares how her eight-year old is understanding and enjoying the reading of one of Shakespeare's works in The Point Hath Gone Missing. She points out the importance of children hearing the bard's original work and that it's not so much what Shakespeare says but how he says it.

Narration and Writing

Bugs, Knights, and Turkeys in The Yard shares a rollicking and hilarious school-time adventure that resulted in a vivid narration of the Battle of Yorktown. How to Know When They Really Get It is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!

Jamie from Jamie's Rose Cottage shares with us a delightful tale written by her 9-year old daughter in Creative Writing - another post guaranteed to make you smile!


Angie at The One Thing provides us with a treasure trove of meaningful activity ideas and informative, how-to links in Handicraft/Life Skills Challenge #8. I'm printing this out for my planner so that we can try making one of these handicrafts later in the week.

Hodgepodgemom shows us some of the lifeskills that her children have been learning in Lifeskills Challenge. This is something I want to focus on more, and there are some great ideas in this post to help me get started.

Music and Art

The Beauty of Pastels is a sweet story and a delightful, do-able art lesson all wrapped up in one. Hodgepodgemom writes about Nana sharing her special talent, as she teaches her grandchildren how to paint with pastels. A precious read.

Dawn from My4Sweetums writes about her family's challenges and triumphs with composer study and shares some wonderful tools that have worked well for her children inMusic Appreciation.

Charlotte Mason Potpourri

Keri at Sunny Scholars shares a thought-provoking post, Habit is Ten Natures. She shares what she's learned from Miss Mason about habit training and provides helpful tips for us as we strive to train our own children.

Holistic Homeschooler gives us her Overview for the new school term which her children will begin in April. I was inspired by the format of this overview and am thinking of using this idea when it's time to plan again. There are also several titles included in her overview that I'm curious to check out.

Finally, I hope that you'll find some ideas for nurturing yourself in my post, A Bit of Mother Culture.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this edition of the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival. Your writings have inspired me, as I'm sure they will others.

If you are interested in submitting a post to the next CM Carnival, just click on the button at the top of this post.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you all!


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  3. Thanks for a lovely carnival, Shannon! Do you have a bit of Irish in you?! I do and I enjoyed the vintage St. Pat clip art!

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  4. Thanks for putting together this lovely carnival! You did a great job and I can't wait to sit down and read through everything.

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  9. Nice carnival. Next time it's ME! I hope I get as many wonderful submissions.

  10. Thanks for hosting this CM Blog Carnival - it is lovely! I can't wait to sit down and read through everything after school today.

  11. This is just wonderful!!! What a great response you received from us CM homeschooling mothers!! This blog carnival will be very useful not only to myself, but others who are still rookies at homeschooling the CM way. :o) Thanks again for this post!


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