Monday, December 28, 2009

Playing and Resting

Our Christmas was relatively quiet and simple. Since we stayed at home here in Ohio, my parents travelled up from Georgia to celebrate with us, which is always nice. We attended our church's candlelight Christmas Eve service and returned home to enjoy our traditional "Low-Country Boil" and "Happy Birthday Jesus" Cake. The next day was spent amid three excited children playing with their gifts and taking joy in giving the grown-ups their gifts as well.

Over the weekend the girls and I took some sort of chest cold that throws us into fits of coughing, especially at night. I am praying for quick recovery, as I had several projects around the house I had planned on completing before beginning school again next week.

Meanwhile, we're enjoying just being lazy together here at home. Today as I rested on the couch the girls made delectable play-dough icecream treats for me with one of the gifts they received, and Superman stays busy working on the new Star Wars Lego set that Santa brought.

We're also celebrating (very lightly) the Twelve Days of Christmas, ending on January 6th, which was the way they did things in Medieval Times (our current unit study). More about that in another post.

Oh, and I'm reading this...

Havah is the poignant and vivid account of the first four chapters of Genesis as told through the voice of Eve. I've had a hard time putting it down.

I hope that you and your family are enjoying your Christmas break together!


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  1. The book you are reading looks so good. I love getting book recommendations...this is on my list now! :) Hope you feel better soon (we have a similar throat thing going on here).


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