Sunday, December 20, 2009

Making Merry With Mickey

We just returned from a wonderful week at the "happiest place on earth" - Disney World!

We were there Monday through Friday and hit three parks - Magic Kingdom (of course), Epcot, and Disney Hollywood Studios. Everything was all decorated for Christmas and just beautiful. One thing I like about Disney is that they play sacred Christmas carols along with other Christmas music over their sound system, and they don't mind putting up a manger scene or two!

We had so much fun, made some great memories, and took tons of photos - none of which I can upload right now, but I'll try later.

In the meantime, we're doing laundry, cleaning house, and getting ready for my parents to come tomorrow for Christmas - yay! We've got a couple of things planned for this week, but I'm really hoping we can settle in for some simple Christmas storytimes and do some fun baking in the kitchen together.

Praying that this blessed season is full of meaning for you this year.

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