Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yummy Apples

You can't do a unit on apples without whipping up something in the kitchen.
There are so many turnovers, apple cider donuts, apple-dapple cake, caramel apples - yum! We settled on apple sauce and a pie, but finishing up our apple study will not prevent us from attempting the other recipes at some point.

We had the most fun with this apple peeler-corer-slicer tool that a friend of mine loaned us. The kids didn't want to stop. This thing is definitely on my Christmas wish list.

Enjoying a looooonnnng peeling

Mmm...can't beat cinnamon and sugar

We had never had homemade applesauce before, and boy was it tasty!

While we enjoyed our snack we read a fun, nonsensical story called Rain Makes Applesauce. It really is a silly read, but what makes it a great book are the wonderfully whimsical illustrations. With every reading you notice something new in the detailed drawings. It's also a Caldecott Honor book.

Later in the week had more fun with the apple peeler, corer, slicer toy - I mean tool - and peeled a bunch of apples for a pie and for our apple taste test. I'm having trouble posting the pie picture tonight - hopefully tomorrow it will work.

One more apple post, and then I'll share about our new unit we're starting this week!

Have a great Monday!

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  1. That book does look fun!
    Looks like you all had a fun time with apples too!


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