Thursday, October 29, 2009

Virginia Soaps and Scents

A few weeks ago I received a package in the mail that smelled entirely too wonderful to be curriculum. It was a sampler of bath and body products from Virginia Soaps and Scents, a company owned and operated by the Spargurs, a homeschooling family located in Southeastern Virginia. The Spargur's interest in soapmaking began as a homeschool project about colonial soapmaking and soon grew into a passion and entreprenurial adventure.

My sampler package included:

Handcrafted Olive Oil Soaps in three signature scents - Coconut Lemongrass (my favorite), Fresh Orange, and Oatmeal, Milk and Honey

Shampoo Bar

Laundry Soap Kit

These products were an absolute treat. Here are a few things I liked about them:

•All of the products are hand-crafted from all natural ingredients with no added chemicals. The natural aspect of these products is a huge selling point for me since we have recently begun to eliminate as many chemicals as possible from our household.

•Everything in my package smelled lovely and looked so pretty and colorful - I felt quite pampered, and who doesn't enjoy that?

•These soaps are made the old-fashioned way. Each bar is hand-cut, which means no two bars are exactly alike.

•The bar soaps had a nice, rich lather (a result of the generous amount of coconut oil used in each bar) and left my skin feeling soft - not dried out like after using a regular bar soap.

•The Shampoo Bar was a bit difficult to get used to at first, but I like the conditioning effect it had on my hair. Cleaning and conditioning in one fell swoop saves me time and money.

•The Laundry Soap Kit makes two gallons of soap, pricing out at 4 to 7 cents per wash. I know how difficult it is to find all-natural laundry products with no dyes or chemicals, and I've never found any that are this budget-friendly. I will definitely be purchasing more Laundry Soap Kits.

•When you consider that all of these products are beautifully hand-crafted and all-natural, the pricing for all of them is extremely reasonable. (The soaps are 4.5 ounce bars which are priced at $4.50 per bar, 3 bars for $12.00, or 10 bars for $35.00.)

•Finally, I just love the fact that this is a family business. The Spargur's do everything from coming up with new soap recipes to hand-crafting the products to doing their own shipping, accounting and taxes. I think it's wonderful to be able to support that type of home-grown endeavor while receiving a superior product for your money.

Virginia Soaps and Scents has made a new customer out of me. Here are several more of their products that I can't wait to try:

Gourmet Soap

Total Body Bars (including one for kids!)

Lotions, Scrubs, and Powders

Lip Balm

Holiday Fragrances such as Pumpkin Spice, Wild Bayberry, and Peppermint

They also offer many other bath and body products, both scented and unscented. They even make products for pets!

You really must visit Virginia Soaps and Scents and check out these products for yourself. They would also make special gifts for friends and family this Christmas.

To see other reviews of these products, you can visit The Old Schoolhouse Crew Blog.


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  1. Thanks for this idea! Being brand-new to Virginia, I would like to buy some "made in VA" items as Christmas gifts for family back in Idaho, and these sound lovely!


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