Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rocks and Minerals: Our Favorite Books

We've finished up our study of rocks and minerals, and I have to say that at the beginning of the unit I never guessed how fun and interesting it would be. Even though we've moved onto Apples and Seeds, we're still having fun collecting, identifying, and even painting rocks. I have a feeling this will be an ongoing interest around here for all of us.

I'm taking our book list down from the sidebar and putting it here for future reference. These were the best of the best culled from a huge stack of books at our local library. I've given summaries of our very favorites, but we really enjoyed reading and re-reading all of them.

Rocks in His Head is the true and inspiring story of the author's father, whose life passion was learning about rocks and minerals. He owned a filling station in the days prior to the Great Depression. He lost everything as a result of the hard economic times, but he continued to provide for his family by taking any jobs he could find. His love of rocks eventually led him to be hired as the janitor at the local science museum, which eventually sent him to college and paved the way for him to fulfill his lifelong dream of "doing something with rocks". We thoroughly enjoyed reading this heartwarming story, and learned a thing or two about rocks along the way. We used some of the great ideas from the Homeschool Share unit for this title as well.

This was another favorite of ours. Thank God for Rocks is the story of a man who spends all of his money to purchase a farm. After moving his family in, he learns that his is the rockiest soil in the county, and a discouraging neighbor tries to convince him that nothing will grow there. This man remains full of hope despite hardships and prays each day thanking God for the rocks on his land. God honors his prayers and attitude of thankfulness, and blesses the farmer and his family in beautiful ways. This was a hope-filled story that demonstrates the joy that comes from being thankful.

Mrs. Frizzle and her Magic School Bus are always a hit no matter what science topic we're learning about. In The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth, "the Frizz" and her class take a field trip to the center of the earth, learning about the different layers and types of rocks along the way. (Note: There are references to the earth being millions of years old.)

Have a great Sunday!

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