Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nature Friend Magazine: TOS Review

We are a family of nature lovers, so I was excited to find our first issue of Nature Friend magazine in the mailbox several weeks ago.

Nature Friend is a monthly, creation-based magazine that gives its readers an amazing look at the many wonders of God's marvelous handiwork. Each issue is brimming with interesting information, gorgeous photographs, and fun, meaningful activities covering a wide variety of nature topics - animals, insects, flowers, weather, space, and more. It is written for the entire family to enjoy, as it contains something for readers of all ages.

Before I go any further I have to tell you that everyone in our family was wowed by the magazine's beautiful photography. There are countless pictures showcased in each issue, including everything from stunning sunsets to animals going about their day to brilliant closeups of flowers. You'll also see rare and unusual shots of things like an owl swooping down as it actually catches its prey, a black-throated green warbler eating a walkingstick insect, and a cicada emerging from its shell.

As a lover of living literature, I appreciated the engaging stories, articles, poems, and beautiful illustrations. I was also pleased to find many references to family togetherness sprinkled throughout each issue. What makes this magazine's content even more special is that portions of it are submitted by readers both young and old. In fact, one issue each year is dedicated entirely to material contributed by readers.

You'll also find a nice variety of interactive features such as word searches, a science experiment, a "You Can Draw" feature, and other nature-related activities that children (and adults) will enjoy. One of my favorite features is called "Invisibles". It is a lovely illustration of a scene from nature that has several objects hidden within the picture for younger readers to find. I also like the fact that you can try your hand at the "You Can Draw" instructions - a different nature subject is featured each month - and then submit your drawing for possible publication in a future issue. It's really interesting to see the different drawings from children ranging in age from kindergarten to high school.

Above all else, my favorite thing about this magazine is that it is uniquely designed to honor God as the creator of our world and the entire universe. You can't read this magazine without marveling at the creativity God poured into each miracle of His creation.

A one-year subscription (twelve issues) to Nature Friend is $36.00, and I think it's well worth the cost.
You can save a bit with a two-year subscription priced at $68.00.

Nature Friend also publishes a Study Guide to accompany each issue that contains additional activities such as crossword puzzles, quizzes, and additional research ideas to reinforce the material covered in each issue. Each study guide also contains nature-related lessons in writing and photography. Twelve issues of the Study Guide are priced at $24.00.

To see sample issues and a sample study guide, and for more information, visit the Nature Friend website.

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  1. Hi Shannon! I totally agree w/ you about Nature. I bought a subscription of this magazine for my 10 yo nature loving daughter. She LOVES it! It's just perfect for her, some stuff to read and lots of neat pictures and things to draw. :)


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