Friday, October 30, 2009

Irons Fruit Farm: A Family Tradition

For our family it's not really fall until we've made our annual trek to Irons Fruit Farm.
The first time we went was when Superman was about two years old, and we haven't missed a year since.
In fact, most years we go at least once in the summer too. This year we didn't but made up for it by making another trip to Irons with our homeschool group - more about that in another post.

Anyway, we love this farm. It's not nearly as commercialized as some in the area, although its weekend crowd seems to grow larger each year. We enjoy going during the week and taking a picnic or snacking on the farm store's apple cider donuts and cider.

It's such a pretty, peaceful place and holds a lot of fun memories for us. Here are a few from this year...

On the hayride headed to the corn maze. Can you tell it's a sunny day?

The corn maze takes about 45 minutes to go through, and let me tell you it's not easy. Superman did a great job of map-reading with his Dad, and those two got us through without any problem.

O.K., this picture makes me tear up a little bit. I've taken this same photo of the kids on this old cannon carriage thingy since before Sweet Pea was born. They are growing up too fast!

For the girls, feeding the animals is always a highlight. Superman likes to pet them, but does not enjoy getting his hands slobbery. :)

This goat loved Giggly Girl. She must have fed him three or four handfuls of feed.

One of Sweet Pea's favorite animals has always been the pig. Each year we go to Irons she has to go and have a chat with her pig buddies. The same ones have been there each year, I believe, and she's always enchanted with them.

Thanks for letting me share our trip to the farm with you - Happy Fall!

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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time as a family!


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