Friday, September 4, 2009

Planning for my Little Ones

Earlier this week I spent some time thinking and dreaming and visiting my favorite homeschool sites to put together some special plans for my girls, ages 3 and 6.

For Giggly Girl and Sweet Pea, I want to focus on a "Letter of the Week" during our special Preschool/Kindergarten time together each day.

I plan on introducing each letter of the week on Mondays by traveling down The Alphabet Path, which is a lovely series of lessons written and shared by Elizabeth Foss and other generous homeschooling mothers. I'll only be using one of the spine books for these plans. Doesn't it look pretty?

There is also a CD of beautiful, fairy music that can be used along with the alphabet fairy stories. After listening to a few samples on Amazon, I was enchanted and had to have it as well for my girls - and myself!

Throughout the week we'll reinforce the letter and its sound by:

-singing some fun songs
-visiting with puppet friends
-creating "alphabet art"
-whipping up yummy letter snacks
-reading lots of wonderful books.
-adding the letter of the week to our Chicka-Chicka Boom-Boom Coconut Tree
-doing some Before Five in a Row books and activities

The girls will put together an alphabet notebook to showcase our memories and activities for each letter of the week, and I'll be slipping some fun alphabet activities into their workboxes as well.

I own several great resources that I will pull activities from, and I've also found some wonderful ideas on the web that I wanted to share here...

Homeschool Share Alphabet Lap-N-Note

HSS Alphabet Lacing Cards

Read to Me and ABC - This is a free preschool curriculum written by Ami, who is also one of the awesome ladies behind Homeschool Share. Thanks for sharing these wonderful plans, Ami!

Friday Fun-School Lessons from Kim at Starry Sky Ranch. (The Alphabet Path lessons link to these as well.)

We start next Wednesday. I'll let you know how it goes!

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