Sunday, August 30, 2009

We're Home!

We arrived home Friday night, and it was so nice to be back.
No matter where we go or how much we enjoy our travels (and we really did enjoy our time out west), there truly is no place like home. :)

Now, we're conquering the usual mountain of laundry and trying to get ourselves back into Eastern Standard Time. (You wouldn't think that traveling through two time zones would make a difference, but our body clocks are a bit off.)

This week I'm busy getting everything ready for the new school year. We'll begin on Labor Day, and I think that after the crazy summer we've had, we'll all be ready to return to our school routine.

Tomorrow night we will attend a meet and greet for Classical Conversations, which we're all excited about, and Superman and Giggly Girl have their first Upward Flag Football practices this week. Yes, my daughter has been wanting to play football ever since she saw her brother's first game two years ago. She's fast and determined, and I think she'll give those boys and other girls a run for their money! She's very excited too about the prospect of her Daddy being her coach. I think it will be a fun season for everyone.

Gotta run now, but will be back with another TOS Review for tomorrow.

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