Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Greetings from North Dakota

Even though our road trip is nearing its end, we are still stopping to smell the roses along the way. North Dakota's golden fields of sunflowers and wheat make for a beautiful drive, and the people are so friendly here.

A good portion of our trip has followed the Lewis and Clark Trail, and yesterday and today we had the chance to visit some special landmarks of their journey. I'll be posting pictures of those and everything else we've seen after we're home, because our laptop (with all of my pictures on it) fritzed out this morning. :( It's just the monitor, so I'm hoping we can get it fixed. Until then, I'll be posting from hotel computers.

Today as we traveled across North Dakota, I read aloud P is for Peace Garden: A North Dakota Alphabet. It's part of the Discover America State by State Series. These are terrific books, and it was so fun to be driving by many of the places and things mentioned in the book as we were reading about them.

Most libraries carry at least some of these books, and others can be obtained through inter-library loan. Also, you can download free teacher guides for each book at their website. I'm tossing around the possibility of doing a "State of the Week" this year and having the children put together an "Our Fifty States" Notebook. If we do this, the Discover America series combined with the free teacher guides will serve as the spine curriculum for the study.

Signing off from North Dakota!

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  1. We've been studying a sate a week. We're on our 2nd year. We did 25 states last year...and start tomorrow with Oregon. We've done this FIAR style with much help from Homeschool share. Go for it...you'll so enjoy it.


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