Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blog Issues, A Birth, and Some Tidbits

It just came to my attention that some folks have had problems viewing my blog. This really should have occurred to me before now, since I've had similar problems myself on various sites.

I think it probably has to do with the whole Internet Explorer problem that's been plaguing everyone lately. I highly recommend using Firefox or Safari to view my blog - and anything on the web, really. I don't know what's going on with IE, and honestly I'm not techno-savy enough to care. I just know that it's not been a very reliable browser lately, and I almost always use Firefox now. I'm so sorry if you've had trouble visiting me here, and I hope that using Firefox will resolve the problem. You can download it for free here.

In case you're wondering what we've been up to lately, well, you can obviously see that I haven't been blogging. :) We have gone out of town much more than we expected to this summer, and any formal schooling that I had planned has gone by the wayside. Our study of frogs and toads will have to be put on hold for another time, since we haven't been home to catch and care for any tadpoles. We have continued Superman's reading and math, since I have his assessment next week and would really like to reach a certain point in his math book before I meet with our assessor.

We've learned a lot of life lessons this summer. With Grammy Kaye's passing, my father's successful cancer surgery, and my parents' move from my mother's childhood home, it has been an emotional summer. God has blessed us, though, and we've seen Him at work through all of this.

In fact, we are back in Georgia right now helping my parents finish up with their move. Today we had the opportunity to visit my Grandmother in the hospital (she's coming home Friday - yeah!), and we were able to visit our brand new baby cousin Ross who was born just today here at another local hospital. The kids were so incredibly excited when we found out that he was coming today and that we would get to see him. We watched through the nursery window as he got his bath and shots and all of the other things they do to new little people. We had no idea that we would be here for his birth, so we feel blessed that God gave us that sweet surprise.

There's the possibility of an exciting field trip on the horizon for us, but I can't blog about it just yet until the details are finalized.

Oh, and one more quick thing...we've made the decision to enroll Superman and Giggly Girl in Classical Conversations this year. No, we're not a classical homeschooling family, and I'll be blogging more about CC later. Until then, you can check out Classical Conversations here.

Thanks for reading this hodge-podge post. I'm hoping to get a couple of back things posted while we're down here this week, and hopefully they'll be more cohesive than this. :)


  1. So cool you and the kiddos were in GA to see little Ross!! Have a safe trip and Carter was so excited to learn that Superman was going to be in CC with him!

    Take care,

  2. Recently stumbled on your blog, always looking for like-minded mamas. ;) We are beginning Classical Conversations too, I am feeling good about it after attending a practicum and reading the front of the book.

    I think I'll be blending Classical and CM...I know people say you must to this OR that, but I'm going to blend as well as I can. I'll be following along in your journey.


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