Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Travel Notebook

We're headed home today, and I thought I'd quickly share with you the travel notebooks I've put together for the children.

(I got the Travel Notebook idea from Jamin', and this is the first time we're trying them out. I think this will be a fun way to learn while we're riding down the road!)

Each child will have a 3-ring binder with the following: (I know some of this might be a bit much for our 3-yr. old, but she wants to do everything the big kids do.)

-Travel Activity Book Cover

-Road Signs Bingo -

-Car Bingo: Print out the cards below, give one to each child along with a crayon, and have them put an X over the things they see on the road. Four in a row is a Bingo!

Card 1
Card 2
Card 3
Card 4
Card 5
Card 6

-Roadside Bingo

-Check out this State License Plate game - Include alphabetical list of the fifty states, a U.S. map, or both.

-U.S.A. and individual state maps to color

-coloring/activity sheets for state symbols

-Great resource for information activity sheets for each of the fifty states.

For more travel fun ideas, see my Road Trip Survival Guide.

I'll be back in a couple of days after we settle in at home. :)

**Update** We're home, and we really enjoyed these games and activities. I wanted to let you know that the State License Plate game was a favorite for Giggly Girl, Superman, and Kurt and me. Looking for different plates made the time go by quickly, and we found twenty-two different states! Sweet Pea mainly enjoyed doodling and coloring on the state maps, flags, and birds. :)


  1. Just doing some blog hopping today--but that thanks for posting this--we are heading out on a long road trip next week and I need all the ideas I can get! I will definitely be checking out all of your links!


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