Tuesday, June 30, 2009

To My Kind Commenters

This is for all of you dear folks who take the time to leave a comment here.

I am slowly but surely working on responding to each of you at your own blogs.
I really do appreciate it when you leave me a note here. Doing life often prevents me from being a timely correspondent.

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding.



  1. I like the "blogging without obligation" stand point.
    Even though it's nice to hear back from the person that I leave a comment for on their blog, I do not feel that they owe me a comment back.
    So, from me to you, please don't feel pressured while responding to each individual commenter's blog.
    In addition to blogging without obligation, I'd say commenting without obligation. :) Just my $0.02

  2. Dear Shannon,
    I've been surfing for workbox ideas and I followed you from somewhere . . . :) What a nice blog you have! I'll be following you. As I'm looking around your blog I'm thinking "We are reading Little House in the Big Woods right now, and doing a CM based curriculum" and then Sarah Groves plays in the background, one of my favs. I guess I'm feeling "at home". Thanks!


I enjoy reading your comments and so appreciate them. It usually takes me a few days to reply, so thanks for your patience and for dropping by!