Thursday, June 4, 2009

On the Road

Just a quick note to say that we are on vacation!

We've traveled many miles down to Georgia to visit my parents and help them finish moving to their new home. My mother and I have shared laughs and shed tears as we've sorted through mementos and memories together.

I can't wait to blog about the three boxes of children's books that we came across, which I thought were lost forever. I literally shouted for joy when Mama found them.

Next week we'll head out for St. Simons Island, Georgia - one of my favorite spots on earth. We're looking forward to a beach vacation on that beautiful and historical little island. We're also hoping to make a daytrip to nearby Jekyll Island to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center and learn about loggerheads.

Internet access is sporadic where we are right now, but hopefully it will be better in a few days, and I'll be back with some ideas for taking happy road trips with children. ;)


  1. Wave to me as you drive by in Georgia! :-)

    I LOVE St Simons but haven't been there in--oh my gosh!--almost 20 years! We must remedy that soon!!!

  2. I have never been, but I have an aunt and uncle who have a place on St.Simons Island...(to escape their Montana winters!) I hope to get there one day, my parents say it's awesome! Have a great vacation.

  3. We live in Georgia. Other than the island where will you guys be traveling to. Have you lived in Georgia before, if not, if you are traveling near us I could give you some recommendations.

  4. Shannon, I hope you guys have a wonderful trip! The box of children's books would have made me super excited too! :) I also wanted to tell you I'm excited about the crew this year! I get to be your "mentor" so if you have any questions, I'll try and help the best I can! :)


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