Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Making Time for Fun

As much as I love our homeschooling lifestyle, I feel like some of the fun, silly, just-being-a-kid stuff gets pushed aside for school and housework. This summer I really want us to enjoy some playtime together without necessarily looking for the learning moment.

These are some things that I've read about or the children have asked to do, and I just haven't gotten around to them. Well we're making time now!

1. Ice Block Treasure Hunt

2. Make Ooblek

3. Trace around each child's body on butcher paper and let them decorate with markers or paint or however they want.

4. Make a growth chart. (We're going to make one that looks like a gigantic carrot to go along with one of our favorite books, The Carrot Seed.)

5. Have a lemonade stand on our street corner.

6. Sit down and look at baby photos and other family photos together.

7. Paint with pudding. (We did this when Superman and Giggly Girl were toddlers, but we haven't since, and they still ask to do it!)

8. Make mud pies. (We've done this once, but Sweet Pea was a baby and didn't get to join in the fun.)

9. Wash the car together.

10. Play the Wii with them - instead of letting them play it while I cook supper.

I'll keep you updated on how we're doing with our list!

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  1. What a great list. I need to make one of these. This is actually the first time in over a year when I get some time to just relax and enjoy my kids. Childhood is so temporary.


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