Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Gardening Books

We're finishing up our gardening unit this week, and I wanted to share some of the books we've been enjoying.

I'll place these in the sidebar, and they'll be there for a few weeks. We're headed out of town next week for a beach vacation, so we won't be starting any new units for awhile. :)

These were our favorites from the stack I checked out from the library (and from our own collection). I'm sure we'll be re-reading them throughout the summer as we continue working in our garden.


  1. I was just looking at the Muncha Muncha Muncha unit on HSS and thinking I might do that with the kids soon- we are planting our vegetable garden this weekend.

  2. Thank you Thank you
    I'll be ordering these up from our library. I've started using Ambleside online for our prek reading but these guys love to be read to so it's hard to have too many. :)
    God Bless


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