Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Money in the Workboxes

Here's something new I'm trying in the preschool workboxes - washing money!
(If you're wondering what in the world's a workbox, then check out this post.)

Two of my children's favorite playthings are water and money, so I knew if I combined the two I'd have a fine-motor hit.

Yes, it's a tad messy but cleanup took only five minutes, and the girls were busy and happy for half a hour.

What you need for each child:

-a plastic bowl/container filled halfway with water
-dish soap (Put just a couple of drops in and swish the water to make bubbles.)
-old toothbrush or a sponge
-dishtowel (for laying the washed coins on to dry)
-plastic tablecloth or shower curtain (to put underneath the work area)
-lots of coins!

**If you really want your money to shine, you can use vinegar and salt instead of water. It's fun to clean dirty pennies with this solution because you can really see the difference when you're done. (The water and dishwashing soap do not yield as dramatic an effect, but I will only use the vinegar if I'm right there to supervise what's going on!)

Here are some more fun money activities and money-related stories for preschoolers. (I especially like the treasure chest coin sort.)

A to Z Kids Stuff also has some great money activities - and a great poem for learning coin values.


  1. My boys would love this activity. Oh & I ordered & read Sue Patrick's stuff. We have our shelves & workboxes all set up. We're very excited about it & glad you shared it! Thank you! Have been doing the "centers" as Sue suggests? I'm still trying to figure out how that is going to work in my tiny/crowded house.

  2. How fun! My kids have cleaned "ancient" coins when we studied Rome and it was fun. Like your new button, btw!


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