Friday, May 8, 2009

Exploring Nature in Our Socks

We set out to see what nature treasures we might bring home on the bottom of our feet. (I got this idea from Cindy over at Westward a few months ago.)

A few things we saw along the way...

Four baby robins in one of our neighbor's trees. They're about ready to fly any day now...I'm really hoping we'll be outside and see them when they fledge. Brings back a cherished memory from last spring.

Some wildflowers and lots of dandelions. I love how children see dandelions as being just as beautiful as other flowers. I happen to agree!

Acorns are always a treasured find.

An interesting family of mushrooms that I have not been able to identify yet. Any ideas?

So what did we track home? A few dandelion seeds, some grass seed that Daddy planted last week, and lots of dirt. The grass was really wet from a rainshower the night before. I think we will bring home a wider variety of things if we try this when it's dry. We had so much fun traipsing around in our sockfeet...I'm sure we'll do it again soon.


  1. Oh very fun. I've been spending more time outside with my kiddos too. I hope they remember all the fun and adventures we had (like nature walks and crafts) wrapped up in their homeschool memories. :)
    Your pictures are great.

  2. This looks like a heap of fun and something that my children would LOVE - I don't know how well I would go getting all that dirt out though!!!
    And those little baby robins look sooooo cute- again my children would think it was FANTASTIC to find baby birds of ANY kind- do you think wearing socks would help us to find baby birds???? Thanks for some GREAT ideas!

  3. What fun! I think my boys would love doing this. My older kids have done it long ago - but not the younger set. Thanks for sharing it.

    BTW, I totally agree with you on the flowers - I enjoy both of those.

    Your children are just adorable!!!


  4. Looks like you had great fun! I love the bird photo - Wow!


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