Friday, May 1, 2009

All About Mammals: A Nature Field Trip

Today we went with our homeschool group to a nature preserve where we learned about mammals.

A few highlights of our day...

We went on a nature walk down by a pretty creek.

We found a few different signs of wildlife including this remnant of a beaver lodge.

Matching up animal pictures to their tracks

We worked in groups to identify different types of skulls.

Some other things we learned today about mammals:
-They have fur/hair.
-They give live birth to their babies.
-The mothers feed their babies milk.
-They are warm-blooded.
-They are vertebrates.
-They have lungs.

Since we enjoyed the field trip so much today, I think we'll take a few days next week to focus on animal classification. Here are some fun freebies we might use:
Classifying Critters
JungleWalk Animal Classification Lesson Plan - has some nice pictures and video
Animal Classification Resources at Homeschool Share - As always, these HSS resources are terrific.
Animal Classification Lapbook at Homeschool Share
And we'll also pull out our animal classification board and put it to good use next week.

Hope you can use some of these with your students!

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  1. Isn't it great when a field trip comes together? This looks like it was a great experience for you and your kids.


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