Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Old Schoolhouse WeE-Books: A Review

I also want to share with you another great product from The Old Schoolhouse that I have been enjoying - WeE-Books. The WeE-Book line is comprised of almost forty titles written by various homeschooling experts, most of whom happen to be seasoned homeschooling parents. WeE-books are priced at $1.95 each and are instantly downloadable. These little gems are packed with useful information, as well as encouragement and wisdom from veteran homeschoolers. And since they are short and sweet and can be read in a single sitting, they're perfect for the homeschooling Mom who doesn't have a ton of extra time for reading. WeE-Books offer a wide variety of topics to choose from.

Here is just a sampling of the titles:

Beating the Summertime Blues
Getting to the Root of Writer's Block
Is Your Homeschool Ready to Collapse?
Science on the Wings of a Butterfly
A Light Unto My Path

These are the titles I've read:

Time Flies While History is Written
Homeschooling the Rebel, Parts 1 and 2
The Real Hummers

Each one of these provided me with ideas and inspiration to fuel my homeschooling journey, which is something I can always use - but especially at this time of the year!

So if you need a quick read to refresh and enliven yourself and your homeschool, I encourage you to head over to The Old Schoolhouse and check out WeE-books for yourself.

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