Thursday, April 23, 2009

Home from Convention: What Spunky Had to Say

I got home Saturday night...barely. Some of you might remember that I had just healed up from a nasty cold early last week before leaving for the convention. Thursday night in the hotel I began feeling like I was battling allergies. Friday late in the day I began to think maybe I had a sinus infection, and by Saturday afternoon I had to ditch the last workshop I wanted to attend and drag myself home. Sunday was a feverish blur, and Monday I went to the doctor to discover that I have walking pneumonia. I'm on antibiotics and praying that I heal up soon. The good news is that, according to my doctor, this stuff only likes to attack folks who are already sick with a cold or something, so I'm praying that I didn't give it to any of the sweet ladies I was with at the convention.

In spite of my not feeling that great, it really was a terrific weekend. I'm still processing everything I heard from the speakers and saw in the exhibit hall, but overall I was inspired and charged up to finish out this year and get ready for the next.

I had the opportunity to hear three amazing speakers, Karen "Spunky Homeschool" Braun, Carol Barnier, and Mark Hamby. Unfortunately I did not make it to Amanda Bennett because I was running out of steam, but I've heard her in the past. She is wonderful, and I plan to order CD's of her sessions. There are several other speakers I'd like to order CD's of because I heard that they were not to be missed. I really needed three of me to be able to hit every session and booth that I wanted to! :)

I wanted to highlight some things from Karen "Spunky Homeschool" Braun's session:

ART: Attitude, Relationships, and Teaching
Her message used the acronym ART to help us remember to keep our priorities in the proper order:

1. ATTITUDE: Affirm your children and give them JOY.
-Mom's attitude permeates the home.
-Contentment is the key to having a joyful attitude. (I Timothy 6:6)
-Joy killers: comparison, impatience, fear

2. RELATIONSHIPS: I should focus on my relationships in this order:
-My relationship with God...Time spent with Him each day is absolutely essential.
-My relationship with my husband...Don't give him my leftovers
-My relationship with my children...Don't make their education more important than my relationship with them. If I want to point them to Jesus, they need to see me being Jesus to them.

-Traditional teaching methods: If something isn't working, ditch it, and find what does work for your child's learning style.
-Housekeeping: As a homeschooler, I will not have a perfectly kept house. Let go of those expectations.
-"Don't sacrifice Heaven for Harvard." The education is NOT the most important thing.

Karen also read several passages from the book A Mother's Journey by Linda Dillows. This encouraging story tugged at my Mommy heart, reminding me that this journey is so worthwhile. I have to get a copy of it!

This brief outline really does not do Karen's talk justice, but hopefully it will give you an idea of what she was communicating. I loved her talk because she was not afraid to be real and share straight from her heart. Hearing her really helped me to put some things into perspective in my own life.

I hope to share my notes from Carol Barnier's talk in my next post.

Happy Friday!


  1. I hope you feel better soon. Thanks for sharing what you learned at the convention. Take Care.

  2. I hope you feel better soon. Thank you for sharing what you learned at the convention. Take Care.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Great insights! So sorry to hear you are feeling yucky. Take care of yourself!

  4. I hope you get better soon. It sounds like you came away with a lot even though you weren't feeling well! Thank you for sharing what you heard with us.

  5. It is so true we want to build them up, teach them to love the Lord, and give them an education. I've been thinking lately a "good" education is going to look so different for each child since they are all made differently and God clearly has a unique plan for each of us.
    Thank you for sharing what you learned. I'll be checking back in. :)

  6. That must have been no fun to be sick while at convention. Our convention here in Pennsylvania is in 2 weeks and I can't wait. It is a time for affirmation and rejuvenation for our homeschool and I love it.
    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  7. Thank you for taking time to write all of this. I needed to hear it. ((((Shannon)))

    I hope you are feeling better soon.

    I'm glad too that you are excited about starting the workboxes. I hope you'll be blessed by using them. :-)



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