Friday, March 20, 2009

Journaling: For Better or Worse

I promised an update on yesterday's post, so here you go!

Two out of my three children were thrilled and just chomping at the bit to get their hands on their new sketchpads and draw in them. Those same two seemed happy enough to pull a writing prompt from the jar and tell me their thoughts.

These two are - you guessed it - the females in the bunch. They also happen to be the youngest, so they dictated what they wanted to say, and I wrote it down for them.

They proceeded to immerse themselves in drawing a picture to go with their writing. Giggly Girl loves to draw detailed pictures, so I knew she would enjoy this. (I had not planned on Sweet Pea, who is three years old, participating in our Daily Diary time, but she really wanted to, so I gave her my sketch pad and let her go for it. I'm so glad I did. This was her first attempt at any type of writing and her first try at drawing flowers, and I think she did a fantastic job!)

Sweet Pea's Entry

Giggly Girl's rainbow with a goose flying over a rollercoaster

Now on to my dear Superman, my firstborn, my only child with a "y" chromosome, who avoids writing instruments like the plague...

Upon receiving his sketchbook he immediately announced that he "hates diary time". I placed the jar with slips of paper in front of him, and this whetted his appetite ever so slightly. He chose a prompt and with much coaxing he wrote his journal entry. About halfway through the process (and after a steep rise in my blood pressure), Superman declared that he "might kind of like writing in his diary". He actually did enjoy spelling out the words on his own with minimal help from me. Until now, any writing he has done has been dictated to me, and I have either written it for him or written it out for him to copy. I applaud him for turning around the attitude, for giving it his all (especially with the spelling), and for turning out a great first entry.

Superman's Robin

The entire process took about half an hour, which is a worthwhile investment of time, considering the benefits that will be reaped.

Hope you have a great weekend, and thanks for letting me be real. :)


  1. Thanks for this. In our homeschooling group, my boys are in the minority among many girls. It's hard that not everyone sees how different boys and girls are. My almost 4 yo daughter is in her own words, "ready for Kindergarten!" My boys do their work, but would rather play ball outside.

  2. Found your blog over on
    I'm hoping to make time to blog more and read others.
    I've tried nature journaling with my two oldest. My girls loves it and will continue the habit on her own whereas my boy would rather just climb the trees than draw it. Thanks for posting your experiences it's good to hear from other moms on this journey.
    I enjoy homeschooling, baking, thriftshopping, and keeping my home (mostly clean).

  3. Hi! I have popped over here to check out the Charlotte Mason Carnival that you are hosting and as I am late was reading your post on writing... I have not done any with my daughter (who also has something against reading and writing but LOVES drawing!) and I really enjoyed what you wrote and how you approached it. Really well done and your children's work is wonderful "O)

  4. What great sketches from each of your kids! Your prompt jar is a great idea. That's often times the hardest part- 'what should I draw'.

    When my son was younger I had bought foam blocks with sentence fragments on them. Probably found them at our local homeschool store back in Texas. We would roll the cubes to come up with silly sentences. After we laughed he would draw a picture to go with it. We have a few silly drawings hanging around...somewhere.

    I hadn't thought of using those blocks with my daughter until just now. Thanks for the inspiration!

    And thanks for the nice comment over at my blog. All the mothers and the princessess loved the Princess and the Pea game.


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