Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Valentine Treasure Hunt

A couple of years ago I put together a Valentine treasure hunt for the kids, and they really got a kick out of it. So I decided we would do another one this year.

For that first treasure hunt, I had to read the clues for my little treasure hunters, but this year we have a bona fide independent reader...Superman! He was tickled to be in charge of reading the clues.
I handed him the first clue, which led them to the second, which led to the third, and so forth, until they came to the final one, which revealed their Valentine surprise!

It was fun to see them tearing through the house searching for each of the clues:

Clue #1: Look under the place where we eat lunch.
Clue #2: Go to the toy that rocks and flies.
Clue #3: Find something big and black that makes music.
Clue #4: Go to where you brush your teeth.
Clue #5: Go to the place where food is kept cold.

Giggly Girl finds clue #2 under the kitchen table.

Superman doing the reading honors.

The Treasure: They got to make Chocolate Heart-Shaped Lollipops....

And eat 'em too, of course!

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