Monday, January 19, 2009

Tools for Tackling the List

I've spent quite a lot of time the last couple of weeks tackling two particular items on the household portion of my 2009 list of goals. In the process I found some great resources to help me, and I wanted to share them here.

*Developing a weekly meal plan (#2 on the Household List):

A couple of great blogs that have helped me in this area...
Five Dollar Dinners gives meal plans and recipes for economical, tasty dinners.
The Org Junkie is the home of Menu Plan Monday, which has provided me with some meal-planning accountability. (She also has some great organizational tips.)

I've planned out meals for the last two weeks and stuck to the plan - no last-minute calls for pizza delivery or quick trips to the grocery to pick up just a handful of ingredients for one meal. This has saved me time and money - woohoo!

*Clipping Coupons(#3 on the Household List):

Andrea at Mommy Snacks has been a huge resource for me. She has great tips for saving money, maximizing the use of coupons, shopping sales, and other great money-saving tips. She also highlights the weekly sales and coupons for several major store chains - this has been extremely helpful and time-saving for a newbie like me who is learning the ropes in the world of couponing. (FYI: I've saved close to $80.00 on groceries in the last ten days by implementing what I've learned on her blog.)

Off to make out my grocery list for shopping day tomorrow.

Have a great week!

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  1. Wow-$80!! I'm going to check out Mommy Snacks right away! Meal-planning and coupon clipping have not been high priorities over the years but are new interests for me as well. Thanks for the tips!


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