Monday, December 22, 2008

On the Mend and Making Merry

Thanks to everyone who has prayed for us. Today my strep test came back positive. Meanwhile my kind doctor had already prescribed antibiotics, so I'm feeling much better, and so far no one else is sick! I haven't had strep throat since childhood and none of our children have ever had it, so I had forgotten how excrutiatingly painful it can be. (Makes for a great diet though, when you can't swallow anything except chicken soup!)

I'm praising God to finally be back to the land of the living today and able to get out and do some "Christmasy" things with the family. We hit Bass Pro Shops to visit with Santa, play in "Santa's Wonderland", and choose some last minute gifts for Daddy and others. The traffic really wasn't that bad, the Santa photos were complimentary, and I found the gift I had wanted for Kurt which was sold out everywhere else in town. On top of all that, it was fun and relaxing for all of us - not something I expected at a shopping center two days before Christmas. I think I have a new favorite store!

Santa's Wonderland was an area set up with all kinds of toys and activities - lots of fun!

This year Giggly Girl and Superman decided to bring Santa gifts. Notice the paper in her hand...these are pictures she drew for him. Superman gave him a Rudolph ornament he had made, and Sweet Pea came with hugs. :)

Hope you're having fun and making sweet memories with your loved ones this week.
Just three more sleeps 'til Christmas! ;)

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