Monday, November 3, 2008

Honeybee Finale: An Art Project

Our honeybee unit has finally come to an end. It was supposed to last for only two weeks, but the kids were so interested in these little insects that we ended up spending four weeks learning about them.

To finish up our study, I wanted a fun, hands-on way to learn about the anatomy of the bee. I found lots of cute bee crafts and patterns online, but what I was really looking for was something that would help the kids remember the parts of the honeybee (i.e., head, thorax, abdomen, five eyes, proboscis, antennae, etc.)

So...we ended up with these 3-D Honeybees:

How we made them:

1. I drew and cut out a pattern for the body. Since we were making these three-dimensional, I cut two patterns for each child.
(When it was time to "stuff" our bees I realized that I should have made the body a bit wider for easier stuffing.)

2. The kids painted both body patterns with tempera paint.

3. We let them dry overnight.

3. The next day they glued on googly eyes (two large and three small secondary eyes).

4. We stapled the top and bottom patterns together, leaving one side of the bee open.

5. They stuffed the inside of their bees with tissue, and then I stapled up the opening.

4. They taped on wings cut from vellum (two forewings and two hindwings). You could also use wax paper.

5. They taped on black pipe cleaner legs and antennae.

6. Underneath we used a red pipe cleaner for the proboscis (tongue).

7. Superman chose to mark his with a red dot because this is how beekeepers often mark the queen.

8. I attached fishing line so that our honeybees can buzz around from the ceiling of our school room.

Superman's Queen Bee

Giggly Girl's Worker Bee

The kids were so proud of their finished projects, and I think they turned out really cute!

Later this week I'll post their honeybee notebook pages, and that will be the last bee post - I promise. :)


  1. Can't wait to start FIAR next year with the boys! LOVED the bees.

  2. Those Bees are Awesome Shannon! Love them!


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