Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Very Important Raffle for a Very Important Boy!

There is a very special little boy named Oleg who is waiting for his forever family to find him. Oleg has Down Syndrome and lives in an orphanage in Eastern Europe. He is 3 1/2 years old, and because of the Down Syndrome he will most likely be sent away to a mental institution by the age of 4. Then he will no longer be available for adoption. These children are viewed as outcasts with no ability to learn or be functional members of society. They languish in mental institutions, hidden away from the world in shame. We need to help find a home for him quickly!

Stephanie is holding a raffle to help build up Oleg's adoption grant fund. The raffle is for a really cute handbag that will be personalized for the winner. I encourage you to go meet Oleg and check out the raffle.

Let's help this adorable little boy find his forever family!


  1. Thank you Shannon! Thank you for helping to spread the word about Oleg and the other orphans with Down Syndrome. You can learn even more at

  2. Love your sweet heart friend! I too hope to one day adopt a child with DS. I love the idea of another little girl with DS in our family. Waiting and hoping that my dh will hear the same call.

    Would love to walk this journey with you!


  3. PS Forgot to say that I will be praying for y'all too. I find that I'm praying often this same thing - for dh and I to have the same heart on this. I'll add you to my prayers sweet friend!

  4. Oh that is sad! I am going to blog about that for Oleg! Poor baby! :(
    Thanks for posting about this, so others will know!

    Thanks for coming by!
    Miss Amanda


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