Thursday, October 2, 2008

Shark Teeth

This is the last week of our ocean unit, and we're wrapping it up by focusing on sharks. We've learned all kinds of neat stuff about them. On Wednesday we read about sharks' teeth, and the kids were fascinated. Unfortunately I didn't think far enough ahead to borrow or purchase any real ones to have on hand, so pictures had to suffice - or so I thought.

We had just finished up our reading when two gentlemen arrived to do some repair work in our bathroom, and guess what one of them was wearing around his neck? Yep - a shark's tooth on a chain. What are the chances? I asked him if the kids could look at it, and he kindly obliged.

The next day he and his helper came back to finish up their job, and he brought his whole collection of shark's teeth for the kids to see. He poured out a plastic container onto our kitchen table, and let the kids look at the teeth and hold them. There were hundreds of them - all shapes and sizes. Some were as small as an eighth of an inch long, and the largest one was about two inches long - yikes! We got out one of our shark books and identified a few of them. Very cool.

I just love it when God sends little blessings like this to us. He truly does care about the details of our lives.


  1. That is very cool. We will be studying sharks this month.

  2. I love it when God shows up in the details! What a great story and one your children will not forget.


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