Friday, October 10, 2008

Just Being Real

Normally I try not to come here and unload because I figure most people would like to read something uplifting or helpful when they take the time to visit my blog. But tonight will have to be different because the truth is I need to "talk". All of my IRL friends are probably asleep by now, and my hubby is at a church men's retreat, so you kind folks are the lucky listeners. I completely understand if you click out of here right now. :)

I do think it's important though to give a balanced view of our life. I wouldn't want any of you to get the idea that things are always upbeat and picture-perfect around here. That would be just plain discouraging, wouldn't it? :)

I had a great post written up and ready to go for tonight. It was about a fun project we did during our ocean unit last week. Last week was one of those precious and rare weeks where most days were smooth sailing. I should have posted about our cool project then, because this week has been a bumpy road, and I am one semi-burned out homeschooling Mama tonight. Maybe tomorrow will be better, and I'll post it then.

Have you ever had a week (O.K. maybe a month or year) where you felt that you were wearing the referee hat ALL the time? You see, I'm an only child, and the sibling arguments, complaints, and picking at each other drive me insane! How on earth did I survive my childhood with no one to fight with?

I've also had a case of the Broken Record Syndrome this week. I'm tired of hearing myself say things like, "Quit bugging your sister," or "Please pick up your legos."
I think it's time for a hearing check.

And my house. I put some significant time into cleaning it really well a few days ago, and now...well, now it looks like another hurricane blew in - only this time through the inside of our home. A messy house drains my energy big time. I'm not that great of a housekeeper, but for the most part I try to keep the clutter and dust to a minimum. It's nice when it stays clean for more than, say, thirty minutes. Does anyone agree?

It's not just the kids and the house, though. I think it's mainly my perspective. I've not been spending consistent time in prayer and in the Word lately. And it's telling on me. I'm tired, I'm drained, and I'm uninspired.

At any rate, today we did our reading lesson, and then I called it a day. We went to a local nature trail and explored the woods there. I think the fresh air did us all some good. Tomorrow we'll go to Superman's football game, give the house a good cleaning, and meet another family for dinner tomorrow night. Hopefully after a time of worship and rest on Sunday, I'll be recharged and renewed for next week.

Thanks for listening to this tired Mama!

(P.S. A quick disclaimer: My children really are awesome kids, and I love them more than life itself.) :)


  1. Oh Sweetie you are certainly not the only one who struggles, just plain struggles sometimes for a long time with homeschooling and life in general. And everyone has the right to "talk" it out and work it through in this way.

    God has called us to this great land of homeschooling, not because we wouldn't become weary of heart, but because He knows somewhere deep inside of us we have a great strength to persevere. A strength which comes from knowing the Truth...that these bad times don't last forever. These times hurt, but He is good and faithful to teach us, grow us, and make us stronger through it if we are willing.

    Every family has their own mammoth struggles and in blogland they don't always flash neon lights advertising them. But how wonderful of you to just be real and bare your heart in your struggling time.

    Hang in there brave soul, and our Lord will bring comfort to you in His perfect time. Admist this hurricane lay beautiful treasures.

    Blessings and Prayers for you and your family.

  2. Melissa,
    Thank you for lifting me up with your kind words of encouragement!
    You're a sweet heart. :)


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