Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Honey of a Field Trip

Yesterday we took a field trip that I don't think any of us will forget anytime soon.
We visited a beekeeper!

A few photos of our day:

First stop on our tour - the honey house. This is where the honeycomb is "uncapped" and the honey is extracted and bottled.
You can't see it in this photo, but there were hundreds of honeybees (and a few yellowjackets too) buzzing around in here looking for a free meal. We were in very close quarters with them, but the beekeeper assured us they wouldn't sting us, and they didn't. I do have to admit I was wishing that I had one of those epi-pen things with us, though. :)

The beekeeper often gets calls from people trying to cut down a tree in their yard, only to realize they've disturbed a colony of bees. He goes and picks up the hollow log, brings it back to his farm, and places a hive on top of it. Eventually the colony will move from the log to the man-made hive, and voila, the beekeeper has a new colony of honey-producing bees.

Superman and Giggly Girl were very brave and did not mind being up close and personal with the beehives.

We were able to witness a "guard" defending the hive against an intruding yellow jacket.

Mmmm....honey straight from the comb - best I've ever tasted!

Sweet Pea thinks so too!

We ended the day back at home with sweet tea, toast, guessed it!


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, Shannon. I really appreciate your comments. Your blog is great! I love the pictures of the field trip. That looks like something we'd like to do. I'll have to check around and see if I can locate any beekeeprs in our area.

  2. How yummy! It made my pregnant tummy rumble just reading through your post. haha! I can't wait to do this FIAR unit with Caleb. I am contantly hiding the honey jar from him or he would have it on demand.

  3. what a great unit!


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