Thursday, September 18, 2008

Special Lullabies

This is one of those posts that's a bit more personal than usual.

Since I don't really keep a pencil and paper journal, this is my only place to write about special things I really don't want to forget. Thanks for bearing with me as I blog tonight for my own "Mommy heart" and for my children.

Tonight as I sat rocking Sweet Pea and singing to her, it occurred to me that I ought to write down some of the lullabies I've sung to our children ever since they were babies. We've got a couple of "standards" that I have always sung to all three of them, and then each child has a song or two that is unique to just him or her.

Ever read the book Love You Forever by Robert Munsch? If you haven't, then you really must. But make sure you've got a box of Kleenex nearby.
If you have read this sweet story, then you know what I'm talking about.

I began reading this story to our oldest when he was about three months old. When I would get to the part where the mother rocks and sings to her child, I would sing the words instead of saying them. I made up our own little tune for the lyric, and soon I began singing it to Superman every night as I rocked him. When the girls came along I sang it to them as well. All three of them continue to hear it on a regular basis. :)

I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living,
My sweet baby "insert name" you'll be.

This has always been directly followed by:

Sleep, baby, sleep,
While Father watches the sheep,
While Mommy shakes the dreamland tree,
And sweet dreams fall down to me.
Sleep, baby, sleep.
Sleep, baby "______", sleep.

For all of our children, I began singing "Jesus Loves Me" to them while they were in the womb or waiting for us in China. I always have inserted their names in place of the "me".

Special songs for each child:

Away in a Manger

Yankee Doodle and Yankee Doodle Dandy (This one became a tradition during a visit to see my parents when he was six weeks old, and my Mama, Daddy, and myself were all trying to soothe the little man during a tricky diaper change!)
And for a very long time he could not fall asleep without hearing...

The Veggietales Theme Song. (Sadly, he has outgrown that one now.)

Giggly Girl
You Are My Sunshine - Just after we were united with our precious baby in Changsha, China, our Chinese facilitator/guide sang this to all of us parents and our babies on the bus ride back to our hotel. We sang along with tears of joy in our eyes. Giggly Girl now knows the story behind this song, and she requests it often. :)

Brahms' Lullaby with words I made up for it.
Lullaby, say goodnight.
Dream sweet dreams, my darling.
Close your eyes now, go to sleep,
And I'll see you in the morn'.
Never fear, Mommy's here.
And I'm right by your side.
Never fear, Mommy's here.
And I'll sing you a lullaby.

Sweet Pea
Oh Susannah (My Mama started singing this to her when she was a newborn.)
Oh, Susannah, I love you so you see.
With your big brown eyes,
And your sweet round face,
And your smile as pretty as can be.

A little song I made up one night when I was rocking her. She calls it...
Say Goodnight.

Close your eyes,
Rest your head,
Dream sweet dreams,
Say Goodnight.

Say Goodnight.

There are lots of other songs I sing to them, but these are the ones that, if I hear them fifty years from now, will take me back to a well-used rocking chair in a nursery, the soft glow of a night light, and the warm, sweet-smelling bundle that is my baby in my arms.


  1. I made up a lullabye for my kids. My mom actually made it up for me when I was a baby, but it didn't really have words. I then made up words for my kids. It's funny because sometimes I will sit down to rock one and sing it and before long, each one wants a turn...even my 13 year old!

    "Great is Thy Faithfulness" is one I always sing to them too.

    Thanks for sharing this. I think it is so precious that you have special songs with each one. What a treasure!

  2. All my kids love Baa, Baa, Black Sheep and Jesus Loves Me. I wish I'd written down the other things I sang when they were babies, because now I don't remember. :(


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