Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our Ocean Adventure: Books About the Sea

These are a few of the books we'll enjoy during our Ocean unit.

This week we're doing the Five In a Row unit on Night of the Moonjellies. The kids got so excited when they came downstairs Monday morning and saw it in our book display. We read it a few times over a year ago when I first purchased it, but we haven't picked it up in a long time. They love this book! It is a beautiful story, and a wonderful way to lead us into a study of the ocean.

We also read Hello Ocean today. I thought it would be great for my preschoolers, but Superman enjoyed it as well. This story uses the five senses to explore the wonder of a trip to the seashore. Homeschool Share has a free lapbook and some fun ideas for this title.

In this delightful story Eric Carle takes us month by month through a year in the life of a little hermit crab who meets new sea creature friends and enlists their help to decorate his "home". HSS has a free unit/lapbook combo for this one also.

This is the story of an elderly man, Jiro-San, who teaches young Taro about the many wonders of the sea. They patiently wait for the arrival of some very special "old friends". This book is one of my personal favorites. We will be using a lot of this free unit from Homeschool Share that was written by Jen U. She has filled this unit with lots of creative, hands-on experiments, crafts, and other cool activities. You should check out Jen's blog to see all of the fun they have with their unit studies. She is one creative Mom!

Jim Arnosky is one of my favorite sources for science and nature books. (Disclaimer: I have encountered some evolutionary references in some of his books.) Superman wants to learn about sharks, and this book presents information at just the right level for him. Terrific illustrations, too!

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