Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs: Routine

Wow, I'm really a day late and a dollar short on doing these HSBA memoir posts! Hopefully I'll get caught up this week.

It seems like with little ones that the schedule we begin the year with always ends up changing - several times! As sure as I’m typing, I know this schedule will be no exception, but I've gotta start somewhere, right? :)

9:00 - Breakfast/Daily Devotion/Scripture Memory

9:30 - Quick clean up

9:45 - Circle Time : Calendar, singing, movement, Before Five in a Row or whatever Preschool unit I’m focusing on with the girls. (I’m trying to gear this time mainly toward the girls, but hopefully Superman will join in too!)

10:15 - Handwriting/Fine-Motor/Sensory Activities for everyone: play dough, beans, rice, stamp-n-see screen, chalkboard
Handwriting Without Tears or copywork for Superman after he has had a chance to do some sensory activities.

10:45 - Quick clean up

11:00 - Reading Made Easy with Superman (girls playing with “special” activities)

11:30 - Outdoor time - The kids like to call it recess. :)

12:30 - Lunch and Specials (Mon.-Composer study; Tues.-Artist Study)

1:00 - Quick clean up

1:15 - RightStart Math with Superman (girls playing with math manipulatives or watching Signing Time video - if necessary)

1:45 - Quick clean up and lay Sweet Pea down for naptime

2:00 - Unit Study Time!

3:00 - Afternoon Specials (Mon. - Science Experiment; Tues. - Teatime with poetry; Thurs. - Art project; Fri. - Nature Study)

It is extremely rare for us to get everything done that's on the plan for the day. But...I like having extra things scheduled (like the specials), so that we have the flexibility to move to something else if we're burning out on a particular subject.


  1. Sounds fun and busy! We also did a lot of sensory activities, we still try to get them in with my youngest- he still needs them.

  2. Hi--I just stopped by your blog from the Homeschool Memoirs Site. I noticed your adoption links and the pictures of your wonderful children. Is your oldest girl adopted? We have a 4 year old that we adopted from China almost 2 years ago. I'd love to have you visit our blog!


  3. I wish I had done some of those things on your schedule when my kids were as young as yours. I lived and learned. We do some of them now but it would've had a better impact younger I think


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