Friday, September 19, 2008

Roughin' It!

A couple of weeks ago we took our first ever family camping trip. Most people probably wouldn’t call it camping because we had the luxury of sleeping in a cabin. We did, however, cook our dinners over a grill (charcoal, mind you), roasted marshmallows for smores, and ate our meals outside. We were forced to use insect repellent, gather wood for the firepit, and alas, there was no wireless connection in our area. It’s the closest I’ve come to roughing it since our children came along. :)

I have camped in a tent, but that was many moons ago. When Sweet Pea is finally old enough for me not to worry about her escaping from a tent in the night while I’m fast asleep, we’ll go all out and give the real thing a try. (Even there in our nice, civilized cabin she found a way to keep me on my toes by trying to scale the bunk bed and jump off the top of it every time I turned my back on her. So I guess it’s a toss up. LOL)

A few highlights of our trip:

Yummy campfire food!

We've taken the kids fishing before, but I was especially amazed at their patience this time. We were out there for over an hour - with only one bite - and not once did they beg to leave. In all fairness, though, the worms went a long way towards entertaining the girls. :)

It was so neat to see the kids get excited over all of the wildlife we saw.

This little bucket fountain was outside the main lodge. They would have played with this thing for hours if we had let them.

If you've got any suggestions for "real" camping with a wild and crazy two-year old, I'd love to hear them! :)

Have a great weekend.


  1. Gorgeous Praying Mantis! your girls looked cute baiting hooks! LOL
    Hey, just think, you can't jump off a sleeping bag...we've camped a couple times when our boys were infnts and toddlers. the dark, silent nights with night animals sounds kept them from running ut of the tent I think, plus we slept by the door and they'd have woken us crawling over us. BUT it,s a lot of work! the campfire worried me the most.

  2. It seems that you have enjoyed an amazing time on your vacation trip.... it's fantastic.


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