Saturday, September 6, 2008

Busy Mommy

I spent most of today preparing for our first day of school, which is Monday. I was busy printing, laminating, scheduling, gathering, errand-running, all in the hopes of making the first day of the new school year fun and special. Kurt, bless his heart, took over my duties here at home, and I got quite a lot accomplished. Much of what had to be done took place in our home office, and as we mothers know, if we are busily scurrying to meet a deadline, our children will want us and find us, no matter where we may be hunkered down and hidden in the house. There were several times today that I turned down requests to play, and I listened with one ear as children excitedly chatted away, carrying on important one-sided conversations with me.

I don't like the way I feel at the end of days like today. It's a feeling of missing out, of wondering did I choose what was best today or merely what was good. Yes, some of the things I did today needed doing. But in my desire to make Monday as perfect as possible did I overlook what was most important? If I had taken time to sit down in the floor and play with my children for even thirty minutes, it would have filled up their little love tanks. We might have been minus a laminated game or poster come Monday, but no one would have cared.

I do want to ignite a love of learning in them, but as worthy a goal as that is, it is not the main reason we have them here with us at home.

As our family begins our new homeschool year, it is my prayer that God will help me to not get caught up in the details, but to focus on what matters for eternity. These little souls are growing up too fast. May I capture as many moments with them as I can, while I can.

Have a blessed Lord's today tomorrow.

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