Saturday, August 30, 2008

To Have and To Hold

We went to the most beautiful wedding this afternoon. Our pastor's daughter was married, and he performed the ceremony. The bride and groom made a lovely couple. The flowers, the music...everything was just perfect and fairytale-ish, but the thing that truly made this wedding beautiful was the words that the father spoke during the ceremony and afterwards at the reception.

As he gave the charge, he spoke to the love-struck couple about how difficult sometimes marriage could be. How a husband and wife have to sometimes work to create a climate of love and to not let anger or bitterness gain a foothold in their marriage. He reminded them to find specific ways to love the other person, such as the groom willingly watching "Ever After" with his bride and the bride planning golf outings for the groom. :)
He spoke of them growing closer to Christ as they grow closer to one another.

What words of honesty and truth. Although these thoughts were spoken to two young lovers just beginning their journey together, Kurt and I came away from that ceremony inspired and touched to make a point of paying better attention to those things in our own marriage. After all, we recently celebrated our 10th anniversary, and I think most of us old married couples realize that it's easy for life to get in the way of thoughtfully investing in our marriages everyday.

At the reception, that Daddy (yes, other people did speak too!) talked about how he and his wife had prayed Kim's whole life that she would marry a man who loved Jesus with all his heart and who would desire to help her continue to grow spiritually.
Kurt and I pray for our children, and sometimes occasionally we pray for their future spouses, but tonight we were reminded of the importance of praying for the young men and the young woman who will someday share their lives with our three precious children.

I don't often write about personal things in my blog, but tonight I want to commit publicly to getting down on my knees every night before I lay my head on the pillow and praying together with Kurt not only for our children but for their future husbands and wife.
Feel free to hold me accountable! :)

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