Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lapbooking with Tigers

Thought I would share some photos of a lapbook that Giggly Girl made before our vacation. The tiger is her current favorite animal, so she really enjoyed this. It's one of many Animal study/Lapbooks that you can download for free at Homeschool Share, so if you've got any animal lovers in your home, click on over there and enjoy!

Front Cover: Just in case you're wondering, the blank spot in the lower righthand corner is where I "blotted out" Giggly Girl's true identity. :)

Main Center and Side Flaps

Main center flap minit books opened up

Underneath main center flap - a layer book book about different types of tigers and a booklet about large cats

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  1. Shannon- where ya been? Don't tell me you've given up on FIAR??

    I tagged you for a meme. check it out!


    Heather W


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