Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fun at the Ballpark

We did a couple of really fun things today. I'll post about one of them right now and save the other one for later.
First thing this morning we headed out to Superman's baseball game. (Even though we had quite a bit of rain yesterday, thankfully it wasn't cancelled.)
This year in the T2 league Superman and his teammates have learned a lot about the game and are really coming along with their skills. Most of all, he's having a ball and making new friends. I got some really good action shots of him today, but unfortunately all but one of them captured his name on his jersey. Because I choose to keep our children's names private, I can only post one of these cool action shots. Here you go...

The girls sometimes get bored at the games, so today I let them take some pictures for entertainment. Giggly Girl took this shot of Sweet Pea and blew me away! I'm thinking I'll let her do all of our family photos from now on. :)

She and I took this one together, holding the camera out in front of us...

Nothing sweeter than a little one holding (and wearing) the treasure she picked.

With Daddy after the game...

Well, that's all for now. Hope you all have a wonderful Father's Day weekend!

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