Saturday, June 7, 2008

Field Trip: President Taft's Home

While my mother was visiting, we took a "belated" field trip to the boyhood home of President William Howard Taft in Cincinnati. This was originally planned as the grand finale to our Presidents Unit that we did back in April, but we wanted to wait and go there when Grandma could join us. She and I share a love of history, and it looks like Superman is going to be a history buff too. Even though we finished that unit up over a month ago, he is still devouring any information he can find about U.S. Presidents. This trip to Taft's home was a highlight for him.
And I have to give the girls a round of applause here. They were pretty patient for a two and a four year old who had to listen to a tour guide for a half hour in a house where they could touch NOTHING! :)

At the entrance - can you tell the sun was right in their eyes?

Superman with his Grandma

Front of the Taft Home

A photo-op with the President himself!

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  1. Looks like you had a great time! We too got a photo with President Taft!

    Blessings, Melissa


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