Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Clay Salamanders

Two weeks ago we did a Five in a Row unit on The Salamander Room. We have enjoyed all of the FIAR titles that we've done, but this one seemed to be a favorite for everyone. I wanted to share a few highlights from our week.
We made "clay" salamanders from a salt dough recipe I found at Homeschool Share. (HSS has some great activities and lapbook ideas to go along with the FIAR lessons for this story.)
Any project with messiness potential is well-received around here, so this project was a big hit! (Although it turned out not to be that messy.)

Sculpting the salamanders

Next, the painting...

Of course, the salamanders needed homes. Giggly Girl and Superman collected all sorts of nature items to make their salamanders feel at home in their "rooms".

The finished product

This project took place over a three-day period. It was easy to prepare for, fun to do, and as I said before, it really wasn't that messy. I'm always hesitant to deal with paint, etc., but I've tried to do more of it this year because the kids enjoy it so much, and I think it helps the lessons in our units to really stick. I also like the fact that this salt-dough recipe could be used for any number of things. In fact, Giggly Girl and Superman both asked for an extra batch of dough, and they sculpted all sorts of things with it. So if you're looking for a fun art project (whether you're doing Salamander Room or not), head over to HSS, print out the recipe, and have fun creating with your kids!

More salamander activities to be posted soon...

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  1. SO much fun! I miss our FIAR days so much. I too have learned to become "friends" with messiness. It really works to make things stick for the kids.



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