Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fun with Our Feathered Friends

In honor of our front-yard guests we are beginning a two-week unit about birds. (Click here for an update on our guests.) There are so many wonderful bird books and online resources. Here are a few things we're using:


We're doing the Five in a Row unit for this classic to kick off our bird studies.

We enjoy all of the titles in this series by Judy Dunn.

This is a humorous story about a young girl with a rare talent for calling birds. I think this one will be a hit with my gang!

I have read many terrific reviews about Mr. Burgess' stories. We'll begin this as a chapter read-aloud next week.

The illustrations in this book are beautiful. I also like it because it features many birds that we see in our own backyard. I was pleasantly surprised to find a bit of math in this book too!

Every single one of Jim Arnosky's Crinkleroot books is on my wish list!

More books in our Bird Basket:
Feathers for Lunch by Lois Ehlert
Feathers by Eileen Spinelli (a book of bird poems)
Crinkleroot's 25 Birds Every Child Should Know by Jim Arnosky
Watching Water Birds by Jim Arnosky
Sing, Nightingale, Sing! by Francoise de Guibert (includes a CD)
What Makes a Bird A Bird? by May Garelick
Simon & Schuster Children's Guide to Birds by Jinny Johnson
The Bird Atlas by Barbara Taylor

And last but not least, our well-used copy of...

Giggly Girl adores this book! The minute she sees a new bird in our yard she heads for this Peterson Guide. Because it only focuses on common feeder birds, it's not overwhelmingly thick. It's very easy for her little hands to flip through, and she can easily find the bird that she has spotted.

Now, onto some great online resources:
(Cornell Lab of Ornithology has nestcams at this site that you can view - very cool!)
You can type a bird into their search engine and see pictures, read facts, and even hear your bird's song! (A favorite site of ours!)
Here is a Project Feederwatch curriculum guide for homeschoolers that you can download for free.
This site has lots of different bird links.
A nice feeding chart to help you know how to attract different birds to your feeders.
Photo gallery labeling the parts of a bird
One lady's daily photo journal of a robin's nest outside her bedroom window - fascinating! This is of particular interest to us since we have a robin nesting in our front yard.
Fun ideas for bird art, crafts, games, songs, and snacks.
Fun bird ideas including bird treats and some math activities.
Homeschool Share has a unit on the book When Agnes Caws. We won't do the whole unit, but it has some nice bird-related resources and links that will be very helpful in our study.

I'll post our activities as we get further along into our bird adventures!

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  1. Absolutely awesome bird unit! Great job pulling all of this together. It will be such a fun unit.

    Just in case you're interested, I've got a "Taking Note of the Beautiful Birds" form that I typed up when we were studying birds at:


    Happy Bird Studying!

    Oh by the way, I did Five in a Row with my two oldest when they were younger and plan to do it again with Gabby. I love it!



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